Monitor your environment with confidence 


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Designed to monitor slow and real-time movements, the Geocube system allows to precisely track structure and ground deformation, to enhance risk management policies.

An innovative system and a controlled budget 

The structural monitoring system and our innovative technology helps to greatly reduce costs versus existing GNSS solutions.

A real-time and accurate monitoring solution  

The analytic model is based on a unique algorithm in which data are processed by a RTK-like technology able to measure real-time  and millimetric deformation. 

A rugged system 

The system ensures the lowest possible use of energy and is designed to operate with complete autonomy.

A turnkey solution 

The solution doesn't require specific or technical set-up. Once powered, all displacements data are instantaneously available online. The user interface allows to track each sensor's movement and to customize notifications.



A network of satellite-based sensors monitoring millimeter deformations.


Fully integrated robust technology, maintenance and calibration free, easy setup.


Cost of monitored point is a fraction of existing satellite-based technologies.