The Geoport

The communication component to upload Geocube data on server

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Geoports collect all data from each Geocubes through radio transmissions and transmits the, through a 3G network, to virtual coordinators. Calculations and data storage are therefore safely undertaken on a specific server for each project.

Geoports transmit the latest firmware upgrades along with each system's operating settings to the connected Geocubes

Geoport installation is entirely self-operative since it it detects and connects automatically to surrounding Geocubes.

In case of broad systems, several Geoports can be installed for a given system to improve data collection.

A communication hub

  • Radio connection (2,4 GHz) with the Geocube network

  • A 3G connection with the distant server

Low energy

  • Power consumption : 1 W

Fast and flexible

  • Increased processing power due to the use of remote servers

Easy access to data

  • Safe data storage on dedicated remote server

  • Data available for local download or transfer through FTP connection or automatic transfer for additional calculations or post-processing

Broad network

  • Up to 50 Geocubes connected per Geoport

Rugged solution

  • A proven industrial solution adapted to the most demanding environments

Easy set-up

  • No calibration

  •  Automatic detection of surrounding Geocubes

Customer support

  • A 7/7 support service to ensure smooth operation 


  • Remote updates to guarantee optimal performances