Geo3, the user interface

Configure, manage, visualize and download your data

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Each project has a specific server, which is accessed through the user interface. This dashboard, accessible for free in SaaS mode, enables user to :

  • configure the complete setup of any project (calculation frequency, definition of measured points, radio communication, etc.)

  • manage running projects (notifications, automatic downloads, insert additional measuring point, etc.)

  • visualize graphs

  • define downloading options (projection type, data type, averages, FTP server, etc.)

A simple tool that enables to adapt Geocubes set-up and management to every project's specific features

Network management

  • Manage all of your projects on a single interface

  • Dialog with each Geocube to monitor its operating features


  • Field access to install, parameter and monitor any Geocube system

No subscription

  • User interface is entirely free and accessible with every Geocube system

Multiple users

  • No limitation in the number of users for any given system

Access to data

  • Historical data downloadable with different parameter options (projection type, frequency, format)


  • User interface allows identified user to easily modify the system's operating conditions (calculation frequency, network architecture, etc.)

System monitoring

  • In addition to notifications, user interface allows to monitor the global condition of the system (quality of radio connections, coherence of calculations, etc.)

Data display

  • Display of various graphs (raw data, average, sidereal correction) for each Geocube as per selected projection (ENU, ECEF, Lambert, geographic)


  • Assistance to set-up the Geocube system and monitor its operating condition